Christian Bauer

Wedding Rings

Christian Bauer is a German company located in Welzheim, specialising in the production of wedding rings for the premium market sector. The brand offers its customers an attractive product line including engagement and rings made of high quality materials like gold and platinum, as well as carefully chosen diamonds. Every ring is unique and manufactured with high precision and exploiting years of goldsmith’s experience. High quality and a special comfort fit are the result of the Christian Bauer’s goldsmith’s art. Innovative products are characterized by a consistently modern and elegant design.

A wedding ring is more than just a piece of jewelry. It is a symbol. It is love, poured in the shape of a ring – no beginning and no end. With uniquely individual notes, our rings are forged in the image of the love between two people. he hand-crafted rings pass through the hands of many masters of their trade, who lend their own individual touch to each of their pieces.

One important component in this is the combination of high-tech equipment and craftsmanship. Achieving an intelligent combination of the two is something that every jewelry-maker strives for. And it’s an area in which Christian Bauer clearly excels. Such a wedding ring absolutely must meet the highest standards. The most noble alloys, made according to our own formulas, the most valuable diamonds from renowned dealers and the incomparably comfortable fit… this is what gives Christian Bauer rings their quality and allure. At Christian Bauer, it’s especially important to choose the right brilliants. In addition to finding the right size for the piece, our stone setters look for the most appropriate color and shine. This gives each piece the perfect look.

Wedding Rings


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