The brand name “Ulysses” is Latin and derives from the English word “Odysseus”, which refers to the legendary Greek king of Ithaca and the hero of Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey. At the same time, the brand name is inspired by the founder of the company, Mr. Odysseus Kelpetsides.

Our aim as a team is to remain always up to date. To this end, we travel around the world in order to attend the most important international fairs every single year. Ulysses represents luxury brands that are influenced by multi-ethnic cultures, which create collections that are diverse and unique. Our objective is to collaborate with companies that offer the highest quality possible and the most distinctive design in their products.

Our long experience in this industry enables us to ensure that our customers will gain the best service possible, and we achieve that by being fast and efficient with their requests. In addition, we select our partners prudently, and we always collaborate with people who offer high quality in their products and in their business relationships as well. Therefore, behind our e-shop, there is a great team of people who strives to offer exceptional services and to build trust with their potential customers. It is extremely important for us to cultivate strong long-lasting relationships with our customers hence, we have created a reliable and secure e-shop where customers can feel confident when they making a purchase.

You can discover all the collections from the collaborating companies in the physical boutiques of Ulysses Jewellery located at Sani Resort and in Makedonia Palace Hotel.