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While the BOVET artisans have been a source of wonderment in the world of Haute Horlogerie for almost two centuries, thanks to their virtuoso expressions of the watchmaking decorative arts, the technicians and watchmakers also contribute their chronometry (precision timekeeping) expertise and their inventiveness.
In 2010 lounched the Amadeo Convertible Case which allows you to transform your timepiece in a reversible wristwatch, table clock and pocket watch (or necklace watch) without requiring the use of any tool.

Research & Development

The History of the House Bovet is interspersed by innovative concepts, ingenious developments and patents which have contributed to the evolution of haute horlogerie. From the Duplex escapement of the pocket watches manufactured by the Bovet brothers in the 19th century to the six patents of the Braveheart Tourbillon presented in 2015, developments are always aimed at improving precision and the reliability while delivering user-friendliness and complications adapted to their time and to the collectors’ needs.

The Art of Chronometry

THE FIRST POCKET watches manufactured by BOVET in the 19th century were particularly reliable and precise. Most were intended mainly for the Chinese market, which Edouard BOVET had won over as a pioneer. A return to the workshop for repair or time-setting required two ship transports with a minimal duration of four months each.

The Art of Miniature Painting

EDOUARD BOVET Despite a prolific range of watches featuring this type of decoration, Edouard Bovet managed to assert himself by the sheer quality of the paintings he offered. That was undoubtedly what earned BOVET such success among its early clientele that notably included the Emperor of China. One of the watches acquired by the latter in the early 19th century currently still sits enthroned in the Forbidden City.

The Art of Decoration

AT THE DAWN OF THE 19TH CENTURY, when Edouard Bovet manufactured his first luxury watches, he straight away took great pains over their decoration. Cases and movements were adorned with gems, pearls, miniature paintings in Grand Feu enamel, and engravings. Quickly became a reference in terms of the decorative arts. Indeed the Emperor of China was one of the earliest collectors and today many BOVET luxury watches remain part of the priceless heritage of the Forbidden City.


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