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The copyrights of the content of this website are governed by Greek, European and International copyright laws and are property of Ulysses Jewelery. Regular prohibition applies to partial or total republication of the Ulysses Jewelery website. Any reproduction of Ulysses Jewelery content may only take place after the company has given its written permission. The apposition and publication of information and data such as logos, names etc. on this website relating to the same or third parties are under the protection of trademarked provisions and should not be construed as automatic licensing of their right to use them. Ulysses Jewelery is not responsible for any errors in the exchange of data. As for references or redirects through links to third-party websites, Ulysses Jewelery is not responsible for their content, products and services.


Ulysses Jewelery provides maximum protection for visitors’ personal data and is in full compliance with the applicable law of the Data Protection Authority 2472/97 and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is in force on 25/05/2018 committed to the adoption and full implementation of the relevant legislative measures. Ulysses Jewelery has taken the necessary technical measures to ensure the protection of personal data during its registration, handling, processing and storage, preventing its loss, misuse or alteration.


Ulysses Jewelery has the right to maintain a record as well as to process data (if any, “personal data”) of the users if needed (eg name, e-mail address) contained in the database of the platform through the Website. Ulysses Jewelery will collect users’ personal data only in cases of voluntary concession by themselves for the purpose of accessing applications and services available through the website. Ulysses Jewelery will not request personal data of specific categories of users in any circumstances.

When registering a user on the site for the purpose of providing services, the registration of his / her data implies his or her consent to the collection, processing and use of his or her personal data under the terms of this Privacy Policy. Also, the user, before completing his registration process (the activation of the account is accomplished by following the link sent to the e-mail), should specifically and explicitly give his consent to this by accepting this. In particular, the user, like Ulysses Jewelery, should accept and consent to the terms of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 679/2016, which will enter into force on May 25, 2018, regarding the collection and processing of user’s personal data through the website for the purpose of accessing the user to the provided electronic services, servicing, supporting and executing the relationship between the user and the Ulysses Jewelery for statistical or other purposes only with the specific consent of the user.

In addition, the user will be required to express his / her consent to Ulysses Jewelery to send service updates via electronic communications unless he explicitly states the interruption of the update. In any case, the user has the right to oppose the use of his or her e-mail or other data to send service updates whenever he desires by sending a request to the contact form. Ulysses Jewelery is fully complied with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 679/2016. The collection of user’s personal data is done only for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes without being processed incompatible with the original purposes. User personal data may be processed only for archiving purposes, for improving platform services or for statistical purposes. In addition, steps have been taken to ensure the accuracy of personal data, as well as the correction or deletion by the user himself. Data retention is only valid for the amount of time required to run the account of the user. Ulysses Jewelery does not keep personal data deleted by users (immediate deletion even from backup). At the same time, users have the right of access, processing, correction, deletion, limitation or portability, objection and objection whenever they desire. The user can proceed with the aforementioned actions upon sending a request to the contact form.


The codes used to identify the user/client are two:

  1. Username and
  2. Password,

Every time the user / customer registers they gain access with absolute security of his or her personal data. He/she is given the ability to change the Secret Password as often as he/she wants and is the only one to have access to these data and is solely responsible for maintaining its secrecy by third parties. Our website will never reveal or discloses personal and user / customer information.


When browsing the Ulysses Jewelery site, users collect and store user information in log files on the server. Such information refers to the user’s IP, the operating system, the date and time of the call to the server, and other related information. These data cannot identify the user, and their use is only about facilitating the smooth operation of the server.


To ensure the confidentiality of data transfer, it is used SSL-256 bit encryption protocol.


Communication between the user’s computer and our website is encrypted using a 256-bit key. Information and personal data of the user / customer encrypted based on the 256-bit SSL encryption protocol. Encryption is a way to encode information and the recipient will be able to decode it using the appropriate key.


In order to ensure the smooth operation of its website, Ulysses Jewelery makes use of cookies. Cookies are files that include information in plain text and are stored on the user’s computer while browsing the internet. The purpose of specific information (cookies) is to offer personalized services that meet the individual needs of the particular user.

There are two types of cookies. Session cookies that are deleted at the end of the session and long-term cookies that are stored on your terminal device to provide information to Ulysses Jewelery and our partners about the program navigation on your next.

Cookies are divided into the following four categories:

  • Necessary Cookies
    These cookies are necessary for users to browse the site.
  • Functionality Cookies
    Functional cookies provide the site with the ability to memorize user options (such as user name, language, region) to provide improved and more personalized capabilities.
  • Performance / Analytics Cookies
    Performance / analytics cookies provide the site with the ability to collect non-personal data – data in a form that does not allow direct association with a particular person – and their purpose is to support site metering functions. The purpose of collecting this data is to improve the performance of the site by providing information about the pages visited and downloading error messages from web pages.
  • Third party Cookies
    Third-party cookies are defined by a site other than the one at which you are at the moment. The purpose of these cookies is to collect information about the user’s browsing habits to display ads tailored to the interests of the user. These cookies can only be disabled via the third-party website.

Cookies do not give access to other files on the user’s computer and are not capable of collecting and storing personal data of users. The legal basis for the processing of personal data by using cookies is Article 6 (1) (f) of the GDPR.

Users have full control over the use of cookies. More specifically, it is possible to disable or restrict the transmission of cookies through the browser settings. It is also possible to delete cookies that have already been saved at any time. This can also be automated.


This site provides its visitors / users with the ability to purchase services and / or products through e-commerce applications, complying with the specific terms of the relevant legislation, by ensuring the protection of personal data submitted by users for the purpose of using these services. Where e-commerce applications occur between users / members and the site, the site must comply with Z1-496 / 2000 on distance sales and the provisions of Consumer Protection Law 2251/1994. The website is obliged to inform its clients about the following: a) the essential characteristics of the goods and / or services they offer; b) the price; c) the transport quantity and costs; d) value added tax, (e) the method of payment; (f) the method of delivery and execution; (g) the duration of the offer or price; and (h) the right of withdrawal.


Ecommerce applications on this site are handled by a third-party provider, banking institution or legally licensed payment service provider from the Bank of Greece. The payment process is based on the terms of the provider of the relevant services, on which the website is redirected. The credit card that the visitor / user declares to complete the payment for the services / products of the site is charged only for that transaction unless the visitor / user has expressly agreed to automatically charge his credit card for the renewal its subscription or service. The site is not responsible for the terms of the transaction or for the terms of use of personal data with which the providers with whom it cooperates to complete the transactions.


While browsing the Ulysses Jewelery site, users have the ability to communicate via the contact form. When completing and registering the form, information sent such as email, name, date and time of shipment, and user IP are stored on the server.


Users have the right to request an electronic copy of the data collected by them and to delete them completely. Excluding cases where data should be retained for tax purposes, such as after the pricing of services, so their data must be retained in the accounting program and records of the accounting office that serves us. More specifically, the rights of users in relation to the Personal Data they have provided are the following:

  • Right to Information
    Users have the right to request information about personal data provided by them and kept on this site.
  • Right of Access
    Users have the right to request access to their personal data and to be informed about their processing. In particular, they have the right to request information about the purposes of the processing, the categories of personal data disclosed, the recipients, the period of their retention and processing, the existence of a right of complaint to the Data Protection Authority, the origin of the data when they are not have been made available by the users themselves.
  • Right of Correction
    Users have the right to request a correction of their data in case of erroneous registration or modification.
  • Right to Delete
    Users have the right to request a partial or complete deletion of their personal data when they wish to withdraw their consent for any reason. Our Company, as the case may be, will inform you about the total or partial deletion of your data or the inability to delete specific data. Inability to delete data occurs in cases of law or to fulfillment of a public interest duty, a legal claim requiring them to be retained.
  • Right of Limitation
    Users have the right to request a limitation of the processing of your data, in terms of quantity, time and with regard to the purpose of the processing. In particular, the restriction may concern (1) either a particular category of data, (2) or the purposes of the processing, (3) or cases where the processing of the data is considered illegal but the users do not wish to delete them as maintaining them may serve other purposes.
  • Portability Rights
    Users have the right to request the download of personal data they have provided to our company in a commonly used format. Users are also able to request direct transmission from the Company to the third party without their own mediation.
  • Right of Rebellion
    Users have the right to oppose the use of their personal data for marketing purposes.


When browsing our site, we collect and store behavior data, such as visiting pages, residence times, visit rate, etc., and disclosed to third parties such as Google Analytics to improve our marketing. This data does not identify users.


In order to display ads on a third-party site, traffic information may be disclosed to third-party services such as Google and Facebook.


Ulysses Jewelery will not make disclosure, transmission, dissemination or any other form of release of personal data provided by the user without its consent or explicit mandate, unless the legal, police, and other administrative authorities request it, and in accordance with the applicable laws.

Questions regarding the collection, processing and registration of personal data, as well as requests for copying or deleting them, contact the telephone (+30) 2310-474499 or via e-mail at The use of this site requires unconditional acceptance by the user of the above terms.