Roberto Coin

In 1996, for the first time a jewelry collection is signed with a small ruby set on the inside of each of its pieces. This collection is Appassionata and, together with its unusual signature, it marks the beginning of the history of the Roberto Coin brand; a brand driven by its founder’s passion for life and creativity.

Every single creation is the result of an exciting journey through nature, cultures and influences, experienced in a rare balance between the past and the future. The hands of Italian artisans are entitled to translate into reality Roberto Coin's imagination and it is a real universe of miniature masterpieces that comes to life thanks to their ability.

With his constant desire to create something new and different, Roberto Coin launches about 5 complete collections every year. They are available in over 1,000 boutiques located in 60 countries all around the world. Each one of them is an ambassador with a clear message that conveys the mission of the company’s founder himself: to offer every woman the possibility to own an original piece of jewelry capable to exalt the esthetic and spiritual qualities that make every woman unique.